Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Q: We tried having our kids go gluten free for awhile. We rarely eat when in our home but let our kids eat it at parties, etc. We don’t want to cause problems for them. If we had them go gluten free for awhile without knowing if they needed to and then let them eat gluten could that cause problems for them? -
A: The longer an at-risk child is not exposed to Gluten, the stronger their immune system develops. And their brain. And their heart. And their bones…..
Remember, the most common symptom in children with a Gluten Sensitivity is a ‘failure to thrive’. Traditionally focused on as meaning shorter height (suppressed bone and muscle development), failure to thrive means failure to thrive. That means suppressed development of any (and often many) tissues in the body. The thyroid, the brain, the pituitary, the reproductive system (this is why celiac young girls have their first cycles later in age than their friends). It’s a failure to thrive across the board. So the longer an at-risk child is kept away from gluten, the more likely that child’s body will develop more to their God-given genetic potential (whatever that may be). It is uncertain if delaying Gluten exposure to children will prevent the development of Celiac Disease at some point in that child’s life (studies are inconsistent). But it is certain that the longer they are free of an inflammatory agent, the more likely stronger growth and development will occur. - ‪#‎ChildrenandGluten‬ ‪#‎GlutenExposureandKids‬ ‪#‎GlutenFreeKids‬