Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gluten Free at Costco!

Eating gluten free on a budget can be a challenge. Sooooo…I wanted to dish some of my favorite products from Costco! They have tons of options.
photo 11) Figs- These dried figs are SO delicious and a great option for anyone who has a sweet tooth. I munch on them constantly.

photo 22) Dippin Chips- These chips are great! They are packed with kale, spinach, carrots and veggies. PLUS- they are certified gluten free. Good stuff.

photo 33) Nogi Bars- These bars are perfect for wanting a small snack, (They are small protein bars at 120 calories each) are certified gluten free, and REALLY tasty.

photo 1 (1)4) Crunchmaster Crackers- These crackers are certified gluten free, non-GMO and awesome! We have them in our house at all times.

IMG_06315) Udi’s Bread- How great is this?! Costco has super sized versions of Udi’s bread!

photo 2 (1)6) Pop Chips- I love these certified gluten free chips. Light and crunchy. Also light in calories. Yummmm.

7) Kirkland shampoo and conditioner- This shampoo and conditioner is gluten free, paraben free and sulfate free. I totally use this brand!

photo (17)8) Organic Quinoa and Kale - This is my FAVORITE product from Costco. It consists of multiple steam bags of quinoa and kale. SO yum. I literally eat it daily. You just heat up the bag in the microwave, add spinach or whatever else you want and BAM- there’s dinner.
larabar9) Larabars – I really dig Larabars. Buying them in bulk? Yes, please.

Sabatassos-110) Gluten Free Pizza - I haven’t tried this product yet, but I know lots of people in the GF community really like them. Hence- I’ve linked to a review of the product that may be helpful.
RiceChex11) Gluten Free Chex – For the cereal lovers out there, this is a great deal!

12) Cedarlane Veggie and Grain Bowl- image (5)These are delicious!

They also carry additional gluten free items like: hummus, meat balls, frozen veggies, turkey meats, guacamole, sausage, popcorn, fresh produce, chips, breads and cookies. The items I’ve listed are just the tip of the ice burg at Costco, I am just blown away by the options! Is it a completely gluten store? Nope- but it’s an incredible place for us to shop at and stretch our moola. :)  And for that, I’m really grateful.
- The Celiac Diva