Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I was sitting at my desk yesterday working on a major project, when suddenly I was interrupted by an important tweet.
A tweet that set off an explosion of news.
Another multi-billion dollar has company changed their ingredients because of our work together…
We did it. It took one year... but we did it!
Read the breaking news here.
Caramel coloring level IV made with ammonia and linked to cancer has no business being in our food but is still the most widely used artificial food dye.
I know changes like this from mega corporations can set off changes in other companies. I am going to love watching the chemical additive dominos fall as a result of this wide spread awareness.
There's still more work to do but together we are changing the food system one company at time.
Without you, this would have never been possible. So thank you. I love you so much.
Go Food Babe Army Go!!!!!
P.S. Make sure you review the new set of ingredients. It still isn't pretty but much better without this unnecessary additive!!!