Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Have you tried these gluten free grains yet?

Amaranth cooks up creamy and tender; don't expect it to fluff. That makes it ideal for breakfast with fruit, vanilla and warm spices.
Buckwheat is earthy and pairs well with smoky flavors. It tends to clump when simply boiled in water. To keep it fluffy, beat an egg into the grain to coat each groat, toast in a pan until dry, and then add liquid.
Millet is fast, nearly foolproof, and fluffy-great as a pilaf. Its corn-forward flavor makes it perfect for spicy, highly seasoned recipes.
Sorghum is mild and slightly sweet, like a chewier version of Israeli couscous when cooked. It needs at least an hour to simmer. Great to make in batches and freeze.
Teff is a tiny grain that cooks in 20 minutes. It's porridgy, like polenta, with a deep, toasty flavor. Enjoy it sweet for breakfast or savory with dinner.
-Delight Magazine