Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Make Bile Your Number 1 New Year's Priority

Bile- the quart size missing ingredient for daily detox and effortless weight loss.
You know that probably nothing you can do in 2012 to lessen your toxic load or control your weight will be as important as keeping your liver in tip top shape. Most of us are familiar with herbal liver detoxifiers like milk thistle, Oregon grape root, and dandelion root. But these pale in comparison to the power of your own bile.

Your liver, in its innate wisdom, synthesizes and secretes about 1 ½ quarts of this miraculous substance on a daily basis and then stores it in the gallbladder. Bile is the daily key to absorbing and assimilating fat as well as serving as the toxic waste dump for excess chemicals, hormones, drugs, heavy metals and other toxins that eventually need to be eliminated by the body. If you have a persistent roll of fat at your waistline, your liver may have stopped processing fat – due to a bile shortage – and begun storing it!

Only when you rebuild those bile levels, will you lose that fat – for good – and achieve the super health you deserve in the coming year.

Remember that fat – not carbohydrates – is the preferred fuel source for your body’s trillions of cells. Why, even your cell membranes and vital organs are full of fat. That’s why your brain is over 50% fat, your liver is nearly 5 pounds of fat and your kidneys, retinas, and endocrine system are composed of fat.

Without enough bile, your body simply can’t absorb the fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A (the infection fighter), Vitamin E (the fertility vitamin), Vitamin K (the bone health healer) and Vitamin D (the healing hormone-like vitamin that increases immunity and wards off breast and colon cancers).

The problem is that bile can be hampered from doing its job because of a lack of bile nutrients (like lecithin), congestion or even clogged bile ducts which hamper bile flow and result in less bile production.

The way I see it, there are two solutions to this problem.

You can consider a gallbladder flush (to be administered under your health care professional’s guidance) which usually consists of Epsom salts, grapefruit juice, apple juice and olive oil, or simply restore the missing bile salts– which is imperative especially if you no longer have your gallbladder.

The latter is the relatively easier fix, although some individuals definitely may need a good cleanse.

For those without a gallbladder, Cholacol would be my choice. It is a Standard Process product which UNI KEY can order for you if you cannot find it elsewhere. Cholacol contains a proprietary blend of 700 mg of bile salts with Collinsonia Root.

With protein meals that contain fat, HCL+2 would be my recommendation. The “+2” refers to 65 mg of an ox bile extract. The hydrochloric acid component triggers the gallbladder to dump bile, so less bile would be needed in the presence of hydrochloric acid than the straight bile salts.

With the coming of a new year, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the past year and appreciate the commitment you have made to super health. Look at all the progress you’ve made! I am excited to be your partner in your continuing efforts on the road to wellness.

Together let’s celebrate, at long last, the return to fats and their proper assimilation so all systems are a “go” for a stellar 2012.

-Edge On Health, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman