Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beat High Blood Pressure in Bed

"Sleep deprivation not only affects your energy level, it now
has also been linked to high blood pressure, according to a new
study published in Hypertension. During slow wave sleep (SWS)-
a cycle of deep sleep- your heart beats slower, resulting in a
drop in blood pressure. Missing this nighttime dip may adversely
affect blood-pressure-regulating organs such as the kidneys,
leading to higher daytime numbers, says study author Susan
Redline, MD. Anything that disrupts sleep- snoring, sleep apnea,
your dog at the foot of the bed- can shorten SWS hours, which also
naturally decline with age. Good news: Avoiding alcohol and caffeine
before bed and crawling under the covers at the same time each night
can increase your amount of deep Zzzs."

-Prevention Magazine, January 2012