Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gluten Free Lunch Meats

"Brands that say all their lunch meats are gluten free:
Applegate Farms
Boar's Head
Carl Buddig
Dietz & Watson
Di Lusso
Homeysuckle White
Jennie-O Turkey Store
John Morrell
Kroger's store brand
Hormel 100 Percent Natural
Hormel Natural Choice

Brands that are mainly gluten free but have one or two products
that are not:
Black Bear (Rotisserie chicken)
Kunzler (Ham Loaf and Macaroni & Cheese Loaf)
Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh (Italian Style and Southwest chicken strips)
Sugardale (Dutch Loaf)"

-Gluten-Free Living Magazine, Number 1/2011