Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 Things To Know

"1. Gluten-free pie crust is easier to make than crust made with
wheat flour: Who Knew!
2. General Mills is no longer making gluten-free Hamburger Helper.
3. The price of the gluten-free bread you buy is not determined by
the bread maker alone.
4. Gluten sensitivity is a real medical condition as proven by new
5. You will find more and more gluten-free convenience foods in your
supermarket and health food stores.
6. Canada will soon require that all sources of gluten be labeled
on foods.
7. Some varieties of oats, called cultivars, may be more harmful to
those with celiac disease than others.
8. The wife of the chief executive officer of General Mills has
celiac disease.
9. No toothpaste Gluten-Free Living Magazine examined, had any
gluten-containing ingredients.
10. Publicity over a giant gluten-free cake prompted the FDA to
publically say it will move quickly to approve rules for the gluten-
free label."

-Gluten-Free Living Magazine, Number 2/2011