Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 Things To Know

1."Hard cider is a GF alternative to beer that's easy to find.
2. A beverage that is not 100 percent juice has to be called a drink,
beverage, or cocktail.
3. Starbucks says none of its drinks are gluten free because of cross-
contamination in its restaurants.
4. Olive oil does not go well with Asian ingredients so you should always
use peanut or canola oil.
5. Children who are diagnosed with celiac disease and follow a strict
gluten-free diet recover more completely than adults.
6. Nail strengthener can contain wheat protein and you should avoid it
even if you bite your nails.
7. There is no clear-cut way to diagnose gluten sensitivity, which makes
it harder to treat.
8. Understanding the science of baking will help you make better gluten-
free bread.
9. It's more accurate to weigh ingredients than to use measuring cups,
which are affected by temperature and humidity.
10.One of the biggest makers of over-the-counter drugs in the US is about
to start labeling them gluten-free."

-Gluten-Free Living Magazine, Number 2/2010