Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Tips

"Instead of throwing out your broccoli stems, chop them
up and add them to a pasta dish. The stems have great flavor
and texture; they're perfect in a slaw or simply roasted. Peel
off the outer layer if it's too tough.
Don't miss out on all the flavor left on the cob after you
slice off corn kernels. Run the back of your knife over the cobs,
then add those milky juices right to your dish. If you are making
risotto, simmer the cobs in water to make a corn broth- it makes the
rice extra flavorful.
Try swapping pasta for polenta. Soft polenta is the perfect base
for saucy dishes like sausage and clams. Once polenta cools and firms
up, you can slice it and do almost anything to it- grill it, broil it,
bake it or use it in a casserole."

-Food Network Magazine September 2010