Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cherry on Top

"Make room in your pantry for the latest superfood: tart cherries.
The juice from this fruit can help with sore muscles, sleepless nights,
and more. And you don't have to drink up to reap the benefits, says Lona
Sandon, R.D., an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of
Texas Southwestern and a spokesperson for the American Diabetic
Association. Fresh and dried tart cherries pack the same nutritional punch.
(Swap eight ounces of juice for one cup whole or a half cup dried.) Three
ways the fruit benefits your bod: Glucose and Fructose- simple carbohydrates
that are easy to digest quickly, giving muscles the insta-energy they need
to power through workouts. Anthocyanin- a natural anti-inflammatory that
works like ibuprofen in the body. Melatonin- a hormone that helps regulate sleep."

-Women's Health Magazine November 2010