Thursday, July 16, 2015

How Safe is Your BBQ?

Did you know that some charcoal contains gluten? I found this out the hard way when one summer shortly after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease I happily bought a BBQ thinking well, that it would be safe. After each wonderful meal I had,  I felt sicker and sicker. I couldn’t figure out what the cause was. I knew what I was eating because I was making everything and nothing contained gluten. I knew gluten was not only in foods but also in cosmetic products by this point so  I started doing some research and was shocked at what I found… Some charcoal contains a wheat starch that acts as a binder, that when burning, creates a charcoal dust that may contaminate your food.
Sometimes it seems as though there is no escaping gluten! But not to worry – for this BBQ season and many more to come, know there are a few alternatives such as 100% pure wood charcoal, commonly known as “lump charcoal” instead of the classic charcoal briquettes that you’re used to. Remember keeping your grill 100% gluten free is best accomplished with the proper inquiry about the foods AND the charcoal you choose. I strongly suggest you always double and triple check your sources and ingredients for any product!
Cross contamination occurs in as little as 1/8 of a tsp. BUT, not to fear if you MUST cook on a gluten-containing BBQ! why not make some fish in foil? There are tons of ways to have fun and still be safe with a simple tin foil barrier, there is always a way to have fun and enjoy your eating. As I’ve learned with time and research, that there is always a solution so that I may continue doing and eating the things I love!
- Jennifer's Way Bakery