Monday, July 6, 2015

Franz Hot Dog Buns?

I am with Customer Compliance at Franz Family Bakeries and am
responding to your e-mail of 7/4 regarding Franz gluten free products. Thank you for your kind words!  We did at one time make a Gluten Free Sandwich Roll that could double as a hot dog bun. There were production quality issues and disappointing sales so the product was discontinued. Hot dog buns do require special pans and equipment to produce, and the gluten free bakery does not have that equipment in place at this time.

I am advising our Marketing department of your interest in a gluten free hot dog bun.  If they have enough customer requests and can formulate this product, they may consider investing in the equipment and introducing a new product.

Thank you again for your suggestion.   We appreciate your interest and support.  Have a great day!

Sue Donohue
Customer Compliance
Franz Family Bakeries