Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weather and Fibromyalgia

A study found little evidence that weather triggers fibromyalgia
pain and fatigue. It was published online in Arthritis Care and
Research. Yet previous research has found up to 92 percent of
people with the chronic condition say specific weather conditions
affect their symptoms.
"Our study shows more evidence against than in support of an
influence of specific weather conditions on daily symptoms of
pain and fatigue," says lead study author Ercolie R. Bossema,
PhD, a member of the Psychorheumatology Research Group
at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
Researchers say their findings don't rule out the possibility that
some patients are more sensitive to weather than others. For
instance, they found that some patients have more or less pain
when it's hot outside. But for most patients in this study, a
weather-symptom association wasn't found.
-Arthritis Today Magazine, October 2013