Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cracking The Coconut Oil Code

Coconut oil is making its way from the grove to the grocery
store. It doesn't resemble oil ( it's a creamy semi-solid), but
it's a milder tasting alternative to other oils, butter and shortening.
In addition to raising levels of "good" (HDL) cholesterol, it
contains lauric acid, which research suggests may boost your immune
system and stimulate your metabolism. (As with any fat, moderation
is key.) Use it in:
Stir-fries A high smoke point means coconut oil can withstand high
temps without burning.
Baked goods It's low in unsaturated fat and high in antioxidants. Try
it in cookies or brownies that call for vegetable oil or canola oil ( run
the jar under warm water to liquefy it before using).
Frostings A neutral smell and a pleasant nutty flavor make the oil a
good dairy-free sub for recipes that call for cream or butter.
-Rachael Ray Magazine, September 2013