Sunday, March 27, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemongrass...

"Lemongrass (also called citronella root) is tough, but hidden
within each fibrous, foot-long stalk of this Southeast Asian grass
lurks incomparable character: It's floral without being cloying,
lemony without being tart- those lemony notes come from the same
compound in lemon zest. Lop off the spiky tops (use them to infuse
a pot of rice or as grilling skewers) and peel away the tough outer
layers of white bottom stalk. Crush, slice, or mince those four inches
of pale bottom, and lemongrass will reveal itself. It plays especially
well with garlic, onion, and ginger, the flavors that often partner
it in Southeast Asian recipes. Lemongrass is like no other herb in the
world, and in cooking, there's just no substitute."

-Bon Appetit Magazine March 2011