Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check Out The New Products at Lingonberries

Fructevia, A natural Sugar Substitute
A blend of Natural Fructose, FOS, Stevia and
Magnesium Carbonate. Great for cooking and baking!

Garlic Gold Nuggets, All Natural and Organic
Sea Salt
Italian Herb

King Harvest Hummus

Steviva Blend, A Natural Sugar Substitute
Low calorie, low carb, low glycemic. No Maltodextrin,
No GMO's. Less than 3 calories per serving.

Steviva Powder, 100% Natural - Pure Extract

Tasty Bite, All Natural and Vegetarian
Chunky chickpeas, seasoned with garlic, ginger, and aromatic spices

Vermints, Vermont's All Natural Mints with Organic Ingredients
Cafe Express

Yes! To Cookies, Sugar Free, Sweetened with Stevia

Zip Chips, All Natural, Locally Made
Crunchy Apple - Made with Fuji Apples, Almonds, & Golden Flax