Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Things of Interest?

Two items of interest . . .

The Childrens Village on Burton Rd 360-944-0123 is offering $200 credit towards third month of Tuition. Private pay only and copays for DSHS families not to exceed $50.00

We also get $250 for our group if they stay 3 months and you must (very important) tell them you found out about it thru the GIG Group.

And . . .

"Bean" Murdock, owner of BEANFIT HEALTH AND FITNESS SERVICES, just launched the first health and fitness radio show and column for people with celiac disease and others following the gluten-free diet. Celiac Radio and "Ask Bean" will run biweekly and weekly, respectively, covering all aspects of wellness. Jeanne was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1995-just three years after starting her business-and has been consulting on the condition and the diet ever since. Visit to listen, read, learn, and to ask Bean . . . for free. Contact Jeanne for more information: 805-226-9893,