Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yes! To Cookies

A Message from Yes! To Cookies

We have received requests from Celiac support groups asking for free samples of our all natural, gluten free, carb free cookies. I would like to send out more free samples to other support groups across the country.

I have been amazed that baked products sold as gluten free are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates that digest equivalent to sugar. I'm also surprise that many people appear unaware of the extended damage that they are doing to their bodies by eating these baked foods.

Gluten intolerance is frequently an indicator of other auto-immune diseases which could be developing, such as diabetes. Maintaining healthy blood glucose levels is a wise health practice for everyone but particularly someone who is already showing signs of a compromised immune system.

Yes! To Cookies are a rare exception as a baked treat. Yes! To Cookies are the only baked food made from fiber and sweeteners that have NO impact on blood sugar, with a glycemic index and glycemic load of zero.

We want to let people with gluten intolerance know that there is a healthy, all natural snack option to help satisfy cravings without eating extremely harmful gluten free baked foods made from sugar and alternative forms of starch. Gluten free baked foods that are high in digestible carbohydrates generate dangerously high glucose levels and tax the bodies endocrine system. These foods also contribute to obesity and other inflammation problems such as heart disease.

David J. Fulton
Marketing Director & Developer
Yes! To Cookies
Zero Starch! Zero Sugar! Zero Gluten! All-Natural!