Saturday, February 26, 2011

McGrath's Fish House Restaurant

Dear friends,

I had a very bad experience night before last at Mc Grath's. I ordered off the gluten free menu. Because I had had problems in the past, we were very careful to tell the waitress what I needed. Jim even asked that my meal be put on a separate slip. The waitress said that wouldn't be necessary, that it would be fine. I told her of past experiences. So, I received my meal and began eating it. On the top of my meat was an onion ring. As I was enjoying it, I was considering how strange it was that they would have GF onion rings. I said something to the waitress. She said well she was sure it was fine, but would double check. She came back and said yes, it did have wheat in it. I asked why it was put on my plate. She didn't know why. I then talked to the manager. He said they were fairly new at this. I know this is not true. They have had GF food for several years. He also said there is a notice in small print on the menu that the onion ring is not Gf. I asked why it was on my GF plate then. I also explained how dangerous this is for us and what I would suffer because of it. He didn't say much, except to say they were trying to offer choices. I said if they didn’t understand how to do the GF food they should not be doing it. I also invited him to our meetings. I am sending a letter to the corporate office, and told him so. I also said I would be passing the word. Take care!! Claudia