Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halt The Fat-Making Hormone

Stop the Feeding Frenzy and Zap Sugar Cravings.

Its not calories but the hormonal effect of food that is making Americans fat. Nearly 75% of us now qualify as being either overweight or obese.

And—insulin—is America’s fat promoting and storage hormone. It is fed by high glycemic carbs, think cereal, bagels, rice cakes and sugar—which we now consume to the tune of 180 pounds per person per year.

If Americans knew the dangers of sugar and how it feeds insulin, the sweet stuff would be categorized as a drug. Sugar is not only a non-food substance that spikes hormonal imbalance but sugar is, in fact a toxin. Important nutrients such as chromium, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, and magnesium are stripped away in sugar refining, and our bodies actually have to use their own mineral reserves just to digest it.

With insulin rising, lots of calories but no nutrients, refined foods, sugar and its substitutes are the number one cause of Americans weight gain.

Constant sugar intake sets the following sequence of events in motion:
1) Insulin levels remain high.

2) Insulin struggles to convert all the glucose for storage but succeeds only partially, your body fat increases.

3) Excess body fat is an active organ, producing proteins that prompt inflammation, which further inhibit insulin and energy usage.

But more insidiously, sugar feeds yeast—like Candida alibicans—that sets cravings into a never-ending roller coaster ride.

My advice:
Forget about counting carbohydrate grams or calories even in light of the upcoming holiday season where temptations abound at every celebration. The best recourse is to kill the feeding frenzy that sugar triggers by eliminating those cravings in the first place.That’s why I developed Y-C Cleanse—which is my personal willpower in a bottle.

You see, when yeast overcomes the body, it can change into a more aggressive form of fungus which bores its rootlike structure into the GI mucosa. This allows the fungus, its toxins, and partially digested proteins into the bloodstream and from there—into every part of the body. Y-C Cleanse contains homeopathic ingredients that will both neutralize the yeast as well as putrefactive substances (skatolum and indolum) from the system and enhance immunity with homeopathic ingredients like echinacea. Y-C Cleanse homeopathic formula will help you put a lid on sugar cravings by tapping into your body’s natural healing powers.

Personally, instead of using the product once per day, I don’t take any chances. I use it upon arising and before bed.

One of my moderators, Chris P., said it best: “Not only did my cravings cease but I lost 80 pounds and tons of inches in my midsection. Ridding myself of yeast rid me of my bloat. With no more cravings I have been able to keep the weight off…”

And so can you!

-Edge On Health, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman