Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flavored Yogurt

"It's popular and convenient-but does it deserve its
health halo?
Half hearted. Potassium lowers blood pressure, but
a small banana has more than twice the amount.
Go Greek. If you switch to plain Greek yogurt, you'll
get more than double the protein.
Bone Boost. It has a hearty dose of cancer-fighting
vitamin D and bone boosting calcium.
Culture Vulture. Don't be swayed by "special" additions.
Probiotics (i.e. live cultures) are good for digestion, but
all yogurts contain plenty."

"Say yes to yogurt, as long as it's plain. Nearly 75% of
yogurt eaters opt for fruity flavors, but to get your fill
of protein, probiotics, vitamin D, and calcium- without the
additives and sugar- choose unflavored yogurt and mix in
fresh fruit."

-Prevention Magazine May 2011