Monday, April 25, 2011

Feed Your Heart

"When it comes to reducing inflammation in the body, a risk factor
for heart disease, the variety-rather than quantity-of fruits and veggies
we eat may be key, suggests a study in the American Journal of Clinical
The antioxidant powers of a host of nutrients found in fruits and veggies
may work in concert to dampen inflammation. (Think synergy: the whole being
greater than the sum of its parts.) Heart disease remains the leading cause
of death in the United States.
Follow the example of the heart-healthiest study participants, and aim
to eat eight or nine different fruits and veggies per week. To encourage
adventurousness, American Dietetic Association spokesperson Dawn Jackson
Blatner, RD, recommends that every week you prepare two new recipes
featuring produce you haven't eaten in a while or have never tried."

-Vegetarian Times Magazine April/May 2011