Sunday, May 1, 2016

Paleo Tortilla Recipes

1.  Simple Paleo Tortillas.  This recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo is a classic.  The dry mix consists of arrowroot starch and coconut flour.  These are more of a crepe style than a tortilla as they are swirled in a pan until very thin.  They cook up quickly and freeze well.
2.  Paleo Plantain Tortillas.  Plantains are readily available in most grocery stores and look similar to a banana. Simone from Zen Belly Catering shows a simple technique for blending the ingredients and baking in the oven.  She suggests using these as a wrap for school lunches as they’re small but soft and pliable.
3.  3 Ingredient Paleo Naan Bread.  Another popular paleo recipe is from Ashley at My Heart Beets. This Naan “bread” pairs perfectly with any traditional Indian dish but can also be used as a tortilla or wrap.  And with only 3 ingredients, it couldn’t be simpler!  Ashley has a video on this and offers other recipes using this.
4.  Paleo Tortillas.   An easy recipe from the Paleo Cupboard using almond and tapioca flours. You’ll get a flexible but strong tortilla that can be filled with all sorts of things!  The author recommends a tortilla press which you can find online here.
5.  Grain Free Tortilla Shells.  Flaxmeal and Cassava flour are the base in this nut-free tortilla shell from Simple Roots Wellness.  Cassava flour is relatively new to the paleo scene and is popping up in recipes around the web.  It’s no wonder, as its consistency is really close to wheat flour.  This yields a less gummy and more fluffy tortilla.
6.  Secret Ingredient Baked Paleo Tortillas.   This recipe from Whole New Mom calls for only four ingredients, two of which are surprising but still easy to find in most grocery stores.  I especially like that you can bake these instead of cooking on the stove.
7.  Paleo Tortillas.  These pliable tortillas from Primally Inspired have an extra boost of nutrition (and color) with a surprising ingredient: pumpkin!  The pumpkin can be substituted with mashed sweet potatoes, another nutrient dense food.  Kelly gives suggestions for giving them a sweet or savory flavor depending on how they’re used.
8.  Coconut Flour Crepes.  These crepes are starch free, making it a safer option for those of us with sensitive digestive systems.  Although Dr. Meghan Birt suggests these as a vehicle for breakfast type foods (almond butter, berries, whipped coconut cream), they can certainly be used for savory dishes as well.  Double the recipe and freeze the extras for a quick snack.
9.  Easy Tasty Tortillas.  This simple recipe from Orleatha at Level Health and Nutrition uses one of my favorite fats, lard!  The photo in the post shows the tortillas being used as a sandwich wrap.  Perfect for a mess-free meal on the go.  Find pastured lard here.  
Paleo tortillas are a perfect make-ahead item you can cook in bulk and freeze.  Cook once… eat two (or three or four) times!  Of course, as with anything moderation is key.  These paleo tortilla recipes tout healthier ingredients than their traditional counterparts but should never make up the bulk of your diet.