Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Easy Tips for Having a Safe Halloween

Consider hosting a gluten-free Halloween party in the safety of your own home. Make a few batches of your favorite GF goodies, rent a movie and enjoy them together.
If you choose trick-or-treat, remind your little ones that you must make sure their candy is safe before they can eat it. Once you have gone through their candy, set aside the unsafe candy and donate it to a good cause. Many local dentists have a buy back program that gives your child $1 per pound then they donate the candy to soup kitchens and troops overseas. Operation Gratitude and Operation Shoebox also have great programs that put extra candy to good use.
If you have teens or pre-teens, ask them if they are interested in selling you their collected candy for cold hard cash. Most will jump at the opportunity.
- Delight Gluten Free Magazine