Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beware of Coffee Filters

Contamination from COFFEE filters?? !!
Thanks Lee Ann for sharing. We know that tea bag adhesive may have gluten on the paper, even if the tea leaves themselves are gluten-free. Coffee filters? That's downright sneaky and unfair. Here's what Lee Ann wrote:

"I have something interesting to share about coffee filters. I was using those stiff white filters, these were made by Rockline Industries, and my husband bought them at Costco, so we had ALOT! I had probably been using them for about 6 months or longer.
When I had my annual check up my TTG level was 60, this was August 2014 and that was the highest it has been since i was diagnosed with celiac 9 years ago. I didn't feel particularly bad, but the antibody level was concerning to me and my GI doc. We rechecked it in 2 weeks just to make sure that there was not a lab error, but it was that high.
I figured it must have been something that i was getting every day, remembered something I had read about coffee filters and stopped using them. Long story short, my TTGa levels have slowly been going down and now, a year later, today it is 18. That is the only significant thing that I changed over this past year.
The company says that they periodically "...ask their raw materials vendors if there are any known allergans..." and apparently there are not. But, as we know that statement may not tell the whole story. A friend with celiac disease who has had GI problems stopped using coffee filters after hearing my experience and her GI problems disappeared."
Say it isn't so!! Be careful out there. It's a tricky world to navigate gluten-free. GIG of Portland loves you!