Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wellness Made Easy

Be aware that "evaporated cane juice" is just another name for sugar
and is not "juice." Many foods and beverages still use the term in their
ingredients lists to make the products seem more healthful, even though
the FDA has declared this to be "false and misleading." Some customers
have sought- and recently won- sweet revenge. In 2009 a class action
lawsuit was brought against White Wave (maker of Horizon dairy and
Silk soy products), charging that several of its milks and yogurts were
misbranded because they listed "evaporated cane juice" instead of sugar.
The case was settled in July: The company did not admit wrongdoing
but agreed to change its labeling to "cane sugar." Though cane sugar
retains more vitamins and minerals than refined white table sugar because
it is less processed, any differences are minuscule. Similar lawsuits have
been filed against other companies, including Kashi, Chobani, and
Trader Joe's.
-University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letter, November 2013