Saturday, October 5, 2013

We Should Know What's in Our Food!

Beth Beisel, registered dietitian in the state of Connecticut, believes that we should have mandatory GMO food labeling. With the rapid upward trend in chronic diet-related illnesses and the connection with genetically engineered foods, Beth understands the importance of traceability and accountability, of which mandatory GMO food labeling would provide. Beth was an advocate in the fight to win GMO labeling legislation for her state of CT, and CT became the first state in the nation to approve such legislation in June.

Beth supports Washington state's fight for mandatory GMO food labeling. YES ON 522! WATCH & SHARE! Support Washington:

(NOTE: YouTube has turned off the sound on many users' players! If the sound is not there, hover over the volume icon at the bottom left of the video player, the volume slider will appear, then move the volume slider to the right.)

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