Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Raw Food

"Eating without heating sounds hugely appealing on sticky summer
days- but what would it be like to commit to a diet of raw everything?
Those who've done it rave about it, touting not only the colorful,
flavor-packed foods but also how the diet makes them feel. A raw
regimen, its advocates claim, clears the head and skin, and boosts
energy- based on the belief that heating food above a certain temperature
(104-120, depending on whom you ask) diminishes essential nutrients and
kills enzymes that can aid digestion and promote vitality. For real?
"Well, it's more a philosophy," says Cynthia Sass, R.D. "Most of the
health claims for a raw diet come from anecdotal experiences." But, she
adds, a majority of us would do ourselves a favor by eating more fruits
and vegetables, and experts say you'll feel invigorated from even one
raw meal a day. So take a walk on the raw side."

-Whole Living Magazine July/August 2011