Thursday, June 23, 2011

Barefoot Cure

Summertime Barefoot Cure
June 23rd, 2011
Lower stress and promote calmness by taking off your shoes.

It’s the strangest thing I ever heard, but could our shoes be killing us? Synthetically-soled shoes, unlike the leather soles of decades ago, insulate the body from the natural healing energies of the earth—which is as basic to health as water, air, and food. The earth is an endless source of negative electrons which can quickly neutralize free radical-induced inflammation—the cause behind pain, tension, swelling, and stress.

That’s why the Earthing technique and technology is becoming so popular among everyday people who are suffering from a lack of energy, poor sleep, hormonal and menstrual symptoms, and weight gain. Earthing has also been shown to promote better and deeper sleep, increased energy, aid with stiffness and chronic inflammation, accelerated wound healing (especially diabetic ulcers), improved blood circulation and thinner blood, faster recovery from trauma, and normalized melatonin (sleep hormone), and cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

There are a slew of peer-reviewed scientific studies that prove how our disconnection from the earth is endangering our health. One study to be published in (what journal?), due this fall, shows that being “grounded” can effortlessly help with weight loss and prevention of metabolic syndrome. But that’s another story.

When we make direct barefoot contact with grass, dirt, sand, and unpainted concrete we are
“grounded.” Keep in mind that these are the only “true grounds” that will “ground” you. This allows the natural flow of healing energies into your body within a split second. The earth’s electromagnetic field is based on a consistent direct current (DC), which is harmonious with our own biology. Our homes, however, operate on the 60-cycle alternating current (AC), which is completely foreign to our body’s natural electrical systems and induces stress-related conditions that are relieved when the body is grounded.

Summertime is an ideal time to easily sneak in grounding techniques that will give you an instant pickup and cool down your nervous system in the hot summer months ahead:

Simply go barefoot on your lawn or on the beach for at least 15 minutes a day can help your body get grounded. We are surrounded by invisible electromagnetic pollution day in and day out: microwave ovens, cordless phones, computers, cell phone towers, high-tension wires, and airplanes. When you are grounded, you discharge these chaotic electromagnetic energies and absorb healing electrons from the earth through your body. These healing electrons can slow down the aging process and speed healing.

Making the time to place your bare feet on the ground—whether grass, sand, or even out in the dirt with your kids—can restore a sense of calm and balance via the Earth’s healing energy flowing freely into your body.

Prefer to stay indoors? Rest assured, you can ground yourself there, too. Earthing technology acts as “barefoot substitutes,” allowing you to conveniently ground yourself with conductive sheets, bands, and mats—you remain comfortably grounded as sleep, work, or sit.

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It’s wonderful to hear stories of how Earthing has drastically improved the lives of so many. Here are a few inspiring stories:

“We have been using the Earthing Body Bands and Universal Mat, and what a difference! We feel wonderful, are sleeping better, are pain-free, and have reduced stress. The results have been amazing!!”- Josephine S., Pompton Plains, NJ

“I am a massage therapist and I can see a real difference in the therapy I use when using Earthing products. My customers feel better! I’ve been able to reach deeper into the muscle tissue for my treatment with a particular client—much more beneficial! I have recommended this to many of my clients.” – Ruth S., East Wenatchee, WA

“I have radiation burns on the back of my hands and since using the Earthing Mat they are healing. I am such a believer in these products that I am sending information to all my friends. I’m a believer now!!” – James S., San Ysidro, CA

In the hustle and bustle of day to day life, integrating Earthing as much as you can into your life will generate amazing healing effects and provide instantaneous relief for the side effects of stress.

-Edge On Health, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman