Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chocolate Chips

Tropical Source Chocolate Chips now under the Dream Brand
If you've been looking for the Tropical Source gluten and dairy free chocolate chips lately, you might have found them missing. We couldn't find them in our distributor's catalog when we went to order either, which prompted us to do a little research.

We called Sunspire, who made the Tropical Source chocolate chips, to inquire about whether the product was being discontinued. A company representative informed us that the product is now being sold under their Dream brand.

She also assured us that it was the same product as the Tropical Source chocolate chips containing the same ingredients (we would recommend double checking before you buy just in case). The representative could not confirm whether the chips are being made in a new facility, but their website does state that the product is "processed in one of the few facilities in the world that can guarantee producing chocolate that’s free of all traces of dairy and gluten..."

For those who are waiting for the chips, we should have them under the Dream brand back in stock next week.