Monday, October 5, 2015

Jennifer's Way Bakery NYC

I'm sick of it! Pls use your voice to say NO MORE!
Dear Cheerios
How many of us did you get sick? Do you even know or care? Forget about the immediate headaches, pains, throwing up, diarrhea and then some. What about the fact that you KILLED villi in our guts that takes nutrients from food to then FEED us and keep us ALIVE!!!! Is money that important to you? How do you sleep at night?
You were happily handing out poison to young children and sick suffering adults this weekend at a GLUTEN FREE EXPO!?? How on earth do these big companies live with them selves? I'll tell you how, very comfortably. In there nice comfy mansions and don't give a damn about the people you are hurting some maybe fatally? What will it take for this to stop? one of these companies to KILL someone. And you big companies are the ones keeping brands like mine who actually give a damn about people and what they are eating off the shelves? Only recourse we have folks is to STOP BUYiNG the crap and making them money our lives and lives of our children depend on it. Demand better in your stores and demand better for what's on your table. Do NOT be lied to any longer!
A pissed off celiac and concerned human being
Jennifer Esposito…/general-mills-recalls-cheerios-for-al