Sunday, September 7, 2014

9 Tips to Kick Sugar Cravings

1. Eat Raspberries
Raspberries help to balance blood sugars while healthfully satisfying the desire for something sweet.
2. Eat a Green Apple
Green apples are also good for balancing blood sugars, but are more tart than red apples, so they satisfy the desire for sweetness without getting your tongue too used to an overly sweet taste.
3. Get a Stevia Plant
Stevia leaf is wonderfully sweet and incredibly alkalizing for the blood pH balance.  Just a small leaf or two in your tea or smoothie will give you all the sweetness you need without negative impact.
4. Add Cinnamon
Cinnamon makes your tongue and brain feel like they got something sweet while balancing blood sugars.  Add cinnamon to smoothies, tea, coffee, berries, and other beverages and dishes to ward off sugar cravings throughout the day.
5. Drink water
For many people, there is a disconnect between the signals the body sends and what the mind interprets.  A craving for sugar is often a signal that the body is dehydrated.  Drink a glass of water and reevaluate.
6. Avoid Chemical Sweeteners
Chemical sweeteners such as Sweet ‘n Low, Splenda, and other sweet lab creations only make you crave sweets more.  Though the tongue thinks it got something sweet when you eat or drink something containing fake sweeteners, the brain knows it didn’t get what the body wanted, so the brain sends a signal that it wants what it wants.  So the desire for sugar gets stronger.  Ditch the “diet” drinks and items made with fake sugars.
7. Take a Walk
Sweet tooth cravings often kick in when the body has been still for too long.  Get up and take a walk – even if it’s just to the bathroom.  Getting the blood flowing and movement into the limbs will help your brain let go of its demand for sugar. Eat Something Sweet
8. Eat Something Sweet
Give yourself permission to eat a healthy unprocessed dish that contains natural sweetness from fruit, honey, coconut nectar (low on the Glycemic Index), maple syrup, or stevia leaf.  If you deny yourself something sweet for too long, you may go completely off the rails and devour an entire chocolate cake.  (Check out our cookbook or other posts on our blog for recipe ideas.)
9. Have (Good) Sex
The release of endorphins from a good romp in the hay will shift your body’s desire for something sweet.  And the positive impact on blood flow, lower cortisol levels, and mood balance will go much further than just nixing a sugar craving.
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