Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jensen's Bread and Bakeries

Hello Jensen's Bread and Bakeries fans! We need your help and would like YOUR input. We are considering converting our office space into a small retail gluten free market. Our plan would be to ONLY stock products from LOCAL businesses in WA. and OR. We would only source from commercial GF manufacturers to insure food safety.
One of the biggest hurdles for new gf entrepreneurs is distribution and shelf placement.
Our Market could be a "launch-pad" for those looking to move into a larger venue in the future. Additionally many new businesses can't devote the time it takes to sell goods in a Weekend Outdoor Market, not to speak of the weather elements.
Another thought we've had is selling vendor products on consignment rather than buying directly. This way the vendor can set the price, and if needed adjust pricing due to shelf life or perhaps if they have overstock they could offer price reductions. We've also thought about co-operative shipping to help facilitate getting vendors gf products to customers across the nation via an online store.
Obviously this is still in the "Brain-Storming" mode. Please give us some feedback on your thoughts and ideas.
For information we are located in S.E. Portland just off Powell and 21st Avenue. Do you think our location would be central enough for those in the greater Portland metro area?
3420 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR 97202
Give us a call.: 503-208-3987