Saturday, February 28, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies

I decided to splurge and buy a box of gluten free Girl Scout cookies today. There was a cute little girl outside the grocery store when I was leaving, so I had to make her day, plus I was curious about them. I have been reading that they were coming out with a gf cookie this year, so I needed to investigate. The name is "toffee-tastic". They are tasty and crunchy but I wouldn't call them "fantastic". On the box it says "rich, buttery cookies with sweet crunchy toffee bits", which is very true. They taste too sweet to me but only have 7 grams of sugar, which doesn't seem excessive, and I think the average person does like sweet. The serving size is 2 cookies, calories per serving is 140, and the calories from fat is 70. Yikes! Definitely NOT a healthy choice, but if you are craving something crunchy and want to donate to a worthy cause, it fits the bill. Why not give them a try?