Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dr. Ben Lynch

Preparing for a pediatric conference in Portland end of the month. While prepping, was studying histamine as I see histamine issues all the time in people due to methylation dysfunction and SNPs which increase histamine circulation.
While reading a paper, it discussed how histamine triggers cortisol secretion. This makes sense as histamine is inflammatory and cortisol anti-inflammatory.
If people have methylation dysfunction, have high histamine because of it, their adrenals are being taxed. So now your adrenals are tired, you're inflammed, you're tired and you cannot calm anything down. Harsh cycle.
Take it a step further.
Histamine food intolerance is pretty high due to high DAO SNP prevalence and GI pathogen presence. This leads to high histamine, high inflammation in the gut and adrenals working overtime - which then deplete your adrenals.
Again - another way to feel tired and crappy due to foods.
Low histamine diet is very important - and so is optimizing methylation so you can knock down histamine levels.
Understanding these connections is very important.
The more we connect, the more we realize how many layers there are to complex chronic diseases - AND we have to determine what caused what FIRST.
Just treating the adrenal fatigue is not the answer when you are high in histamine due to methylation dysfunction, DAO snps or chronic inflammation. Need to do all at the same time - more work, more overwhelming but it is the right thing to do. Obviously easing into it but being aware of all these layers is critically important.
Here's an article written that discusses histamine and diet…/is-your-body-antihistamines/

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