Monday, September 3, 2012


Turn up the heat- and add a bit of tang while you're
at it- with these pickled peppers. Although pepperoncini
are closely related to other sweet peppers such as banana
and yellow wax, they are slightly spicier than those varieties.
Harvested when still green, or immature, they are most often
pickled in a vinegary brine to be used as an antipasto or a
topping for deli sandwiches and Greek salads.
Pepperoncini are usually found in the condiment aisle along-
side other jarred peppers and pickles; they are sold either
whole or sliced. They are shelf stable until opened, then must
be refrigerated.
Try these tangy gems battered, fried, and served with a ranch
dip, finely chopped in tuna or pasta salads, as a replacement
for pickles in tarter sauce or relish, or even baked into mac
and cheese with sharp white cheddar.

-Everyday Food Magazine, May 2012