Monday, April 30, 2012

Speaking of Purple Produce...

"Researchers at Oregon State University have developed the first
"really" purple tomato variety. The tomato- known as Indigio Rose-
was bred to have high levels of anthocyanins, compounds that have
aroused interest for their potential health benefits. "It is the first improved
tomato variety in the world that has anthocyanins in its fruit," said
Jim Myers, PhD.
Most domesticated tomatoes have anthocyanins only in their stems and
leaves, which are not edible. Dr. Myers emphasized that genetic engineering
techniques were not used to develop the tomato. "These tomatoes are not
GMO," he said.
But how do they taste? "People are passionate about their tomatoes,"
Dr. Myers said. "The purple color draws their interest, and because it's
extraordinary, people tend to expect impressive flavor as well. It does have
a good balance of sugars and acids and tastes just like a tomato. Anthocyanins
are basically tasteless."

-Natural Choices Magazine, April 2012