Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whey To Go!

The whey connection to glutathione—the “master” antioxidant.
Since Fall is the second best season to detox—after spring—now would be a wonderful time to support your body’s glutathione production—the key to complete detoxification!

Glutathione becomes easily drained because it is zapped so easily by chemicals, molds, heavy metals, and electromagnetic energy fields. In fact, a continuous supply of glutathione is needed to neutralize all types of toxins including drugs and over-the-counter meds that contain acetaminophen—like Tylenol. It is interesting to note that in people with serious diseases, glutathione levels are severely diminished, suggesting this key antioxidant plays a major role in immune system defense and liver health.

Glutathione works its magic by supplying an extra electron to unpaired free radical molecules, returning them to a benign state. But, in giving up an electron, the glutathione itself becomes a free radical! With the help of alpha lipoic acid, glutathione can becomes recharged and renewed to fight another day which is why I added alpha lipoic acid to the Female and Male Multiple formulas—terrific multivitamin components for use on a daily basis. Alpha lipoic acid is a very special antioxidant because, unlike any other, it can cross both the water and lipid permeable cell membranes, so it can work anywhere in the body—including the brain! This is quite a feat.

Alpha lipoic acid is used with glutathione by neurosurgeons to restore nerve and brain function in people with mold-related neuropathy, as well as brain damage. This is truly life-saving. Some neurosurgeons are using a combination of glutathione with alpha lipoic acid to combat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even autism.

Of course, we should all be consuming more glutathione-rich foods (think asparagus and artichokes) or its precursors as well as avoiding pollutants as much as possible. Glutathione is a funny substance, however. It is difficult to increase levels through direct glutathione supplementation because it breaks down so easily. It is better to ingest the precursors from which glutathione is made. Protein helps with the production of this powerful antioxidant, especially whey protein that is not heated or denatured or filled with hormones or antibiotics.

This incredible antioxidant stands on the forefront battling against disease, cancer, toxins, and aging. In fact, it has earned the name “the toxic waste neutralizer,” since it is a major player in the detoxification process and fights free radicals.

Since protein is such an essential player in glutathione production and the body can’t store it, you need to obtain the proper amounts daily. Hedge your bets with glutathione-producing Fat Flush Whey Protein, which is available in vanilla or chocolate. Fat Flush Whey Protein is sourced from the purest milk, is 99% lactose free, and is made from Grade A milk. It contains the key building blocks in the form of amino acids that most successfully generate glutathione.

Most U.S. cows produce milk with A1 protein, a genetic mutation. Some researchers have linked whey from A1 protein cows to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and digestive problems. Fat Flush Whey Protein contains non-mutant A2 protein that has not been associated with any of the problems that A1 protein has. Easy to digest, A2 protein also contains the amino acid proline—which fights aging by supporting collagen.

As the Italians used to say, “if you want to live a healthy and active life, drink whey and dine early!”

-Edge On Health, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman