Friday, September 9, 2011

Fat Flush For Fall

Vegetarian proteins increase energy, reset metabolism, decrease diabetes.
Tis’ the season to go vegetarian – at least for the next three months – and experience for yourself the amazing health benefits of plant proteins!

My year-round super detox weight loss plan, as detailed in Fat Flush for Life, introduces a unique 3-month autumn vegetarian diet that features plant proteins, which reset metabolism.

Groundbreaking new studies support the wisdom of choosing plant-based proteins, rather than the animal proteins emphasized in the old low-carb diets. The documented health perks of a plant-based diet include:

* Improved heart health
* Decreased risk of diabetes
* Decreased LDL (“bad” cholesterol”) and blood pressure – a 14-point drop in the latter in 4 weeks, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, and a 15-point drop in the former
* Improved blood sugar levels – 43% of diabetics were able to reduce their medications after 5 months, according to one study
* Decreased cancer risk – a 40% reduced risk, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research
* Increased energy
* Less constipation
* Reduced PMS and menopausal symptoms
* Stronger libido

AND, you’ll save money (two to four times as much) by replacing meat with foods like beans and mushrooms, which have a meat-like texture and impart a sense of fullness. Buying foods that are in season ( tells which these are), as you’ll do on this diet, can save you as much as 75% on your produce bill.

As to the actual weight loss benefits of a plant-based diet, consider these stunning findings:

* Low-carb dieters who got the majority of their protein from plants lost 50% more weight than those who ate more meat, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
* A review of dozens of studies published in Nutrition Reviews revealed that women who ate mostly plant-based protein every day weighed 15% less than those who ate animal proteins. And, the pounds were shed without effort.
* A University of California at Davis study found that those who ate more plant-based foods consumed 40% fewer calories without increased hunger.

Plant-based proteins are more satisfying, more filling, than animal proteins because they are high in fiber. The fiber stimulates release of a hormone (cholecystokinin) that signals the brain that the stomach is full.

With fall rapidly approaching (between 9/22 and 9/23 in the northern hemisphere), now is an excellent time to revisit some of the Fat Flush for Life basics as they pertain to this season.

My Fall Fat Flush is designed to give special support to the lungs and large intestine, which, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, are activated at this time of year. This vegetarian Fat Flush features warming spices, legumes and root vegetables, which will nourish these important detoxification organs, helping to detox your entire body from the heavier proteins eaten previously and prepare it for the cold weather to come.

Because vegetarians are usually zinc deficient and copper toxic, they tend to suffer from adrenal burnout, a result of mineral imbalance (an inverted sodium to potassium ratio). The excess copper can make them anxious, irritable or hyperactive, and it can interfere with sleep and ultimately lead to lowered thyroid function, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. The Fall Fat Flush diet therefore calls for reduction or elimination of foods that are high in copper (dried yeast, chocolate, regular tea, sunflower and sesame seeds, soybeans, coffee and curry powder), while emphasizing zinc-rich foods like eggs and pumpkin seeds.

The protein powder recommended for fall Fat Flushing (Fat Flush Body Protein) is made from brown rice and pea protein (plus stevia and the prebiotic inulin). It is soy-free, dairy-free and GMO-free, has a complete balanced profile of amino acids and provides 20 grams of protein per serving. Use of this powder (1-2 servings daily), plus up to two Omega-enriched eggs, ½-cup serving of beans and one serving of dairy daily, along with 4-oz. of tofu and/or tempeh twice weekly, will assure that your body’s protein needs are being met.

More of the specifics, along with a three-month program, can be found in Fat Flush for Life. Here is a preview of some of the Fall Superfoods and Signature Fat Flushing Beverages that you will be enjoying:

* Two 1-cup servings of fruit (low glycemic, like peaches, berries, cherries and grapefruit)
* Five servings of seasonal veggies
* Two servings of whole grains – starting month 2, specified non-gluten grains only
* Five servings of protein (as described above)
* Two 1-tablespoon servings of plant-based oils (flax and olive in months 1-3; Macadamia, coconut, sesame in month 3)
* 1-2 cups Fenugreek tea daily (good for lungs and GI tract)
* 2-3 tablespoons chia seeds (for their high Omega-3 content) – sprinkled on eggs or veggies or added to soups, stews and dressings
* 64 ounces of cranberry water between meals and snacks
* Hot lemon and water upon arising
* Green Life Cocktail: cranberry water + green powder (Liver-Lovin Formula) + Flora-Key

As the weather becomes cooler and that old familiar nip in the air returns, become revitalized and ready for the wondrous winter just ahead!

-Edge On Health, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman