Monday, June 13, 2016

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

They Said That Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is Good For You. Here Is What They Didn’t Tell You

 16  Less –Known Benefits of Lemon Water

1.      Food- Borne Illnesses
Any type of food poisoning can be avoided with the consumption of lemon water.
2.      Alcohol Cravings
Kick the alcohol craving with drinking some lemon water at parties.
3.      Kidney Stones
Lemons contain potassium which increases citrates in the urine, which in turn prevents the formation of oxalate and flushes out kidney stones.
4.      Gall Bladder
Drinking lemon water during your meals significantly reduces the pain caused by gall bladder stones.
5.      Constipation
Due to the fact that it promotes regular bowel movements, the consumption of lemon water can prevent and treat constipation.
6.      Inflammation
Inflammation in tissues is mainly caused by acidity. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, lemons can neutralize acidity and thus reduce inflammation.
7.      Finger Nail Health
Amazingly, the lemon water has the ability to clear the white spots that appear on the nails as well as to strengthen them.
8.      Immune System
Lemon water supports the lymphatic system which works in synergy with the immune system.
9.      Flu and Cold
Lemon is one of the best remedies for colds and flu due to its immunity-boosting, antiviral and antibacterial effects as well as the high vitamin C content.
10.  Fibromyalgia
People dealing with fibromyalgia and exhaustion are highly recommended to drink lemon water along with some yoga stretches.
11.  Colitis
Given the fact that colitis is an imbalance of the acid/alkaline levels in the body and that lemon can help balance the pH levels, lemons are one of the best remedies for colitis.
12.  Weight Loss
The pectin in lemon water can help you keep cravings in check and thus eat less during the day. Moreover, lemon water regulates the blood sugar levels and additionally accelerates the weight loss process.
13.  Acne
Drinking lemon water in the morning helps to metabolize the acidic temperature of the body which in turn prevents breakouts.
14.  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease ( GERD)
You can replace TUMS with lemon water.
15.  Sore Muscles
Make sure you consume lemon water after a hard workout as it can significantly reduce the pain the sore muscles.
16.  Joint Pain and Swelling
Last but not least, lemon water can reduce the amount of uric acid in the joints and thus reduce inflammation. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for arthritis sufferers.