Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tieraona Low Dog, MD

I can't help but feel as though industries exploit women for profit- including the medical industry. We have made menopause a condition that requires treatment. I'm sorry, but we didn't have to go see our doctor when we hit puberty, and we don't have to see one when we enter the journey of menopause. Scaring women about this natural time of transition may deprive them of learning from the journey, and instead pushes them to purchase and use drugs and other products. Now we say that women not wanting to have sex is a condition that can be treated with a pill. We've removed the piece of the conversation that addresses WHY a woman might not want to have sex and replaced it with a cultural stigma against women not having the same sex-drive as men. By medicalizing female sexuality, I fear that as some women find their sensuality, other women are being forced to forge it. Sex is the most intimate, personal, and complicated part of our lives- simplifying it down to a pill doesn't do a service to anyone.
My dear friend Adriane Fugh-Berman co-wrote an article on the bioethics of this pink pill that's worth the read: