Friday, February 17, 2012

Food Banks

Dear GIG group,
I have been considering what it would be like to be in a crisis situation and not be able to get GF food for myself or my family. At the present time, the food banks in our county do not have food for the GF community. They have, once in a while had some given to them, but not much and not consistently. I believe we have the power to change that. I hope we can get some of you to volunteer to help with this project. I thought we could approach some of the restaurants, GF stores and other businesses that sell GF food to see if they might help. There could be many circumstances where we might need to have access to GF food, including natural disaster, etc. If you can help, please let us know. At this point, I have spoken to Liz at The North County Food Bank and Janice at The food bank in the Vancouver area. The Vancouver one is trying to find a larger warehouse to rent, funds are always an issue however. So, I told them I would get back to them after talking with the group. Let me know your thoughts. I will help however I can. Thanks so much!
Claudia Frahm 360-254-7925.