Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 Tips if You Are New To GF Eating Out

"If possible, do some research before you eat out. There are lists
of restaurants that cater to GF customers on the Internet. Many
restaurants put their menus on their websites."

Choose a restaurant with a GF menu when you can. You'll get more
choices and a better chance for a safe meal.

Start with the basics. Tell your server you can't have anything that
contains wheat, barley, rye or most oats. Also mention flour, bread
crumbs, croutons, soy sauce and malt.

If your server does not seem to understand, ask to speak with the
manager or chef. You might be amazed at how accommodating chefs can be.

You can usually find something GF on a menu and options are growing.
If nothing seems appealing, plain grilled chicken, a baked potato, and
a salad without croutons are always good choices.

Be specific. Explain that your chicken needs to be cooked in a clean
pan or section of the grill. Point out that croutons can't be picked
off a premade salad.

The risk of cross-contamination is ever present. Always tell the server
about your diet needs.

After ordering, relax and enjoy your meal. If all goes well, you'll
have a place you can return to. And tipping well doesn't hurt!"

-Gluten-Free Living, Number 1/2011