Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 New Uses for Ice Cubes

Soup Skimmer
To skim excess fat from soup without refrigerating it, fill
a metal ladle with ice cubes and glide it along the surface a few
times, wiping the ladle as needed. Excess fat will cling to the ladle's
bottom (and not yours).

Soil Soaker
Water your plants without leaving them in the sink to drain by covering
the surface of the soil with ice cubes. They'll gradually hydrate your Hedera
(that's ivy)as they melt.

Caulk Smoother
As you squeeze a new caulk line around a bathtub, run the corner of a cube
behind it. The ice will create a clean edge without sticking.

Brow Soother
A few minutes before you tweeze, rub an ice cube over your brows to numb
the skin, then dry. Post-plucking, ice again to minimize redness.

Disposal Scrubber
Run a handful of ice cubes and a pinch of baking soda through your garbage
disposal. You'll get rid of the built-up grease on the blades and the leftover
smell of ...leftovers.

Handheld A/C
When the summer heat is stifling, hold a piece of ice on the underside of
your wrist. As blood flows through that chilly pulse point, your body temperature
will slowly drop.

-Real Simple Magazine, August 2011